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i'm from cali & i really like music and all of you

i post 5sos, bollywood, teen wolf, movies, shows, and anything else i like

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☯ 2014 list ☯
schools out, but my queue's still on

went to warped on 6.21

finished cohf, i'm v emotional and idk what to do anymore oh my god

just got back from vacation but my queue tags say im still gone sorry!! :-)

➳waiting for; dil dhadakne do, khoobsurat & the dark artifices

➳reading; eleanor & park, mara dyer trilogy, allegiant, stuff for english next year

➳watching; psych, teen wolf

➳working on; bollywood challenge movies i love
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aaliyah, arula, devika, eesha, jocelyn, selena

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Giffoni Film Festival

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Kalopsia: it’s a condition wherein things appear more beautiful than it actually are.

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i hate watching the news

01/08 # this is so heartbreaking and there are little children   and they're burned all over and they don't know their family is gone   and this badly burned now motherless child is considered LUCKY which is unbelievable   and I just don't know what to do or say this is horrible what the hell   also why is the us on Israel's side wtf   goodnight I need to sleep   palestine   issues   t